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Holiday or Vacation is the most awaited moment for all Travel Lovers. We believe Holiday packages are not about only spending a few days in a specific destination. A holiday Package is a way to explore the world with thousands of unforgettable memories.


Therefore, we believe in real-life experiences. We create the moments that inspire you, excite you, challenge you, connect you with the world and stay with you for life. Our trips are designed to take away the stress of moving abroad, out of the scenario so that first-time travelers don’t have to feel nervous about going on a trip by themselves, which unfortunately can stop a person from taking advantage of traveling.


Our trips are designed to take the stress of traveling abroad by offering a safety net so that even first-time travelers don’t have to worry about starting on a journey alone. Even if you travel to a place that is entirely new to you on your own, we will always be supporting you both physically and virtually.


We will be providing you with instant assistance during your times of need through our mobile app monitoring system that operates internationally.

Tour package


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Travelley is one of the best revolutionizing Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are specialized in Corporate, Group, and as well as Individual travel management.


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